Bringing harmony to Mind, Body & Soul through yoga and sound


In my time on this planet, I have come to realize our society inherently gives us the tools to become materially successful, but there is little focus on tools to become emotionally successful. The latter is what brings true peace, love, and harmony into one’s life as this is the highest state of human nature. However, in times of emotional distress (large or small), our outlook on life can become clouded with negativity and keep you from experiencing the highs of love for yourself and others. If these emotions go unresolved, they can wreak havoc on our energetic and physical body, further developing into disease and physical ailments such as chronic pain, fatigue, and insomnia. Kundalini yoga and sound healing are some of the tools I offer to help clear any emotional discontent and allow oneself to become re-centered and re-energized to fully experience their true purpose, to love and be loved.



As a person dealing with a neurological disease, my options to ease my pain are few to none. I contacted Taylor through my brother to try anything. I came with an open mind to try sound healing. My experience was one of the best feelings I have had in a while. My body was so relaxed and my spasms were not as bad as before. I recommend everyone to try sound healing. It's an outer body experience with a lot of upside.

Gabriel, Los Angeles, CA

Taylor's sound healing sessions always transport me to a place of peace almost instantly. To reach a true state of peace during his sessions always opens me up to answers, wisdom, and messages. For me, one of my favorite sessions was one I shared with my mom. She was able to transcend time and heal her inner child and phobias that she carried all of her life. Taylor has been gifted with the ability to channel healing via sound waves and I am eternally grateful for him following his life path.

Sasha, Riverside, CA

Taylor is an amazing teacher and healer. I have been doing Kundalini yoga for years and his class remains one of my favorites. His sound healing skills, grounded energy, and ability to hold sacred space allows for a full body, mind, and spirit journey that awakens the blissed out feelings which can last for days! Thank you Taylor for all your light and love!

Nicky, Riverside, CA

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