The history of sound being used as a therapeutic modality can be traced back thousands of years to the time of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and even as far back as the aboriginal tribes of Australia which date approximately 1,500 years ago. As a result, the didgeridoo is one of the world’s oldest instruments and was created by the northern tribes of Australia to accompany singing and dancing in ceremonies. Intuitively known by the aboriginal people, these sound waves have a positive effect on our mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Fast forwarding to present day, sound therapy is used in many medical applications and has evolved into alternative solutions for patients with PTSD, neurological diseases, and Autism to name a few.


Sound healing is the process of using finely tuned instruments that produce sound waves which travel through your body and sensory systems which assist in rapidly lowering your brainwaves, releasing self-regulating hormones, and triggering points in your muscles and cells which allow them to release physical tension and emotional stress. When this negative energy is released, you allow energy to flow freely through out your body resulting in an uplifted, more creative, and focused state of mind which can be felt for days afterwards.

During a sound healing session, I will use various instruments around and on the body to facilitate a full sensory experience which will leave you relaxed and in a meditative state where you can reconnect with your mind body and soul.


  • Reduced stress / anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Stregthens Nevous System
  • Treats muscle spasms
  • Improved emotional well-being
  • Reduced Chronic pain
  • Resets energetic body
  • Meditative


Sound healing Session

Single Session
  • 30 / 60 Minutes

Sound healing Session

5 Sessions
  • 30 / 60 Minutes

Sound healing Session

10 Sessions
  • 30 / 60 Minutes

Also Offering Sessions FOR:

Retreats, Private Parties, and Corporate Events